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Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee Reading Horror Comics (Circa 1974)

Cushing Creepy

Lee Dracula #4 1974

Two of my heroes. The issues are Creepy #11 and Dracula Lives #4.

Lee passed away on June 7, 2015. Earl Norem, who painted the cover of the issue Lee is reading, died on June 19, 2015.

(Images via The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society UK)

Boy Reading Comic Books, 1956

Boy Comic 1956

The only two I can make out are below. The headline on the newspaper on the sofa reads: “Big Russian Attack; Hungary Asks for Help”—referring to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

Spike #6 1956

Showcase #5 1956

Girl Reading Comic Book, 1955

Girl Comic 1955

Beautiful found photo, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the book is on top of the pile. A Walt Disney title? Anyone?

UPDATE: I think it’s Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse #40.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dave Stephens’ impeccable detective work, we now know it’s Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse #27. See his proof below. Thanks again, Dave!

Mickey #27

The Art of Earl Norem: The Silver Surfer: The Ultimate Cosmic Experience (Marvel Fireside Books, 1978)




You know you’re good when you get asked to redo a Jack Kirby cover. All but one of the Fireside books were color reprints of classic (i.e. pre-1970) Marvel titles and storylines. This one was the exception—an all new graphic novel by Lee and Kirby, and a damn good one that I remember reading and still have. The “Origins” books were a particularly hot commodity at my elementary school, and the Surfer was way up there too. Probably my first exposure to Norem’s work.

Check out ‘Tain’t the Meat for more on the Surfer issue and the Fireside Books series.

(Images via It’s Dan’s World, Dial B for Blog, and `Tain’t the Meat)

Jack Jackson and Dave Sheridan Cover Art for Slow Death #2 (Last Gasp, 1970)

Slow Death #2

More Slow Death here. Filed under Skeleton Astronauts.

Bogeyman #3 (Company & Sons, 1970)

Bogeyman 1970-2

Bogeyman 1970

Bogeyman 1970-3

Disturbingly brilliant work by Rick Griffin and Rory Hayes (first two illustrations) and Greg Irons (third illustration) from the three-issue Bogeyman series, the underground’s answer to EC’s Tales from the Crypt.

You can read the whole issue at Comic Book Stories.

Marvel Super Special #8: Battlestar Galactica (1978)

BSG Cockrum

I posted the original Bob Larkin cover art on Facebook last week. Here’s some original Dave Cockrum art from the same issue. You can read the whole comic—written by Roger McKenzie and illustrated by Ernie Colón—at Alberto’s Flickr. It’s good stuff, and there are lots of extras.

Bonus: here’s a photo of some 1978 kids transfixed by the oversized beauty.

San Diego State University Comic-Con Committee, 1972

SDSU 1972

I can’t find any info on the fanzine the Chairman (far right) is holding. The first San Diego Comic-Con was held in 1970. Photos from the 1973 SDCC are here.

(Image via SDSU’s Comic-Con History Project)

Kid Reading Comic Books, 1945

Boy Comic 1945

Detective Comics #96 1945

Richard Corben Cover Art: Anthology of Slow Death (Last Gasp, 1975)

SD 1975-1

SD 1975-2

The ecocentric Slow Death Funnies (“Funnies” was dropped after issue #1) was Last Gasp’s first series, published to coincide with the inaugural  Earth Day (April 22, 1970). There were 10 issues published between 1970 and 1979, with an 11th and final issue appearing in 1992. See a full history and issue by issue breakdown at Comixjoint.

Corben’s colors, like the figures surrounding the loathsome pig-king, seethe with decadence and despair. I get the feeling that the paper itself burns to the touch. Ellison’s description of Slow Death‘s message—“that tomorrow will be much worse than today”—is an apt motto for the underground comix movement as a whole.




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