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A Pictorial Souvenir of Disneyland (1983)

Disneyland 1983

Disneyland 1983-2

Disneyland 1983-3

Disneyland 1983-4

Speaking of utopias, Walt Disney managed to build a little one for those who can afford it. In my opinion, it’s being slowly stripped of its initial mission and magic (been on the Submarines lately?), as is the corporation that owns and runs it. Millions disagree with me, as usual.

Most of second-phase Tomorrowland was still intact in 1983. Space Mountain opened on May 27, 1977, two days after Star Wars premiered. What a summer.

See the whole book at Wishbook’s Flickr.

Space Mountain Commercial (1977)

According to the source, AdamConlea, this was taken from “an old video tape of 1977 prime-time TV (KNXT in Los Angeles).” It’s pretty sweet how the passengers get on the rocket car and plunge screaming into space until they’re swallowed by a nebula and disappear forever.

Best ride ever.

Tomorrowland Concept Art (1967)

tomorrowland 1967

tomorrowland 1967-2

Walt Disney, on the 1967 redesign of Tomorrowland, via Paleofuture:

Now, when we opened Disneyland, outer space was Buck Rogers. I did put in a trip to the moon, and I got Wernher von Braun to help me plan the thing. And, of course, we were going up to the moon long before Sputnik. And since then has come Sputnik and then has come our great program in outer space. So I had to tear down my Tomorrowland that I built eleven years ago and rebuild it to keep pace.

The new attractions included the Carousel of Progress, Adventure Thru Inner Space, Flight to the Moon (the name changed to Mission to Mars in the ’70s), and the PeopleMover—all of them gone today.

(Images via Progress City, U.S.A and polyangylene)

1968 Disneyland Home Video

Courtesy of csdigiorgio1, here’s a lovely, silent 8mm home movie of a world that no longer exists.


Space Mountain Theme Music (Original) and Commercial (1977)

Obviously I’ve got a thing for Space Mountain. It opened at Disneyland in 1977, just 2 damn days after Star Wars came out. The Starcade opened on the same day. That’s destiny for you.

The original music was changed in 1996 (listen here) and again when the ride was completely refurbished in 2003 (listen to the current soundtrack here).

Before the remodel, people waiting in line at a certain section could actually look in to the ride area and see, dimly, the rockets whooshing by. It was too dark to make out much more (that made it even more awesome), but I remember an infamous asteroid that shot across the sky occasionally. All the kids would point it out every time it went by. It looked exactly like a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Thanks to SoundsOfDisneyland and SoCalCoaster521 for the videos.

Space Mountain Concept Art






Tomorrowland’s House of the Future


Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Benjamin: Yes, sir.
Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?
Benjamin: Yes, I am.
Mr. McGuire: Plastics.
Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?
Mr. McGuire: There’s a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?


Image via Disneyland Postcards/Yesteryear


All rights reserved by Jeff_B.

A Pana-Vue slide of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, probably from the late ’70s, courtesy of Jeff Bergman. How I miss Mission to Mars and the Peoplemover. America the Beautiful, not so much.

Warning: You Have Invaded the Electronic Realm of the Master Computer Program

“Prepare for the game grid of Tron.”

The only reason to get on the Peoplemover, really. Pertinent audio starts at 6:28, but the rest is pretty cool, too.

And shouldn’t it be Master Control Program?

Fuck Yeah Discs of Tron

Easily the greatest video gaming experience of my life, I first played the full environmental cabinet of DoT at Disneyland’s Starcade. Enveloped in black light and stereophonic sound, I was there,  on the gaming grid of the mainframe, until I died playing (i.e. ran out of quarters).

The Starcade opened in 1977, a few years before Tron came out, and I almost always spent a couple of hours there. I remember mostly the slew of Tron games (both the original with the light cycles and DoT) and rows of pristine air hockey tables.

For the opening of the really sillyTron: Legacy, Disney opened a replica of Flynn’s Arcade and filled it with old school games, including the original Tron and a newly released Space Paranoids designed to look like the game Flynn played in the original movie. No DoT to be found, sadly, at least not in the video teaser below.

Hopefully these beauties were moved to the Starcade, which is something of a cultural landmark in itself, though it has been neglected for many years, the top floor closed off (that’s where my DoT was), two tired air hockey machines and that stupid basketball toss game on the ground floor.

UPDATE (1/10/12): I don’t know how long it will last, but you can play Discs of Tron and Classic Tron at the Disney Game Site.




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