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Halloween, 1980: DIY Luke Skywalker with Yoda Costume

Luke 1980

Via King Max/Flickr. The second greatest Star Wars costume I’ve ever seen, next to this one.

It’s October, people. We’re just getting started. If you’re new-ish, take a stroll through my Halloween archive.

Halloween, 1977: Homemade Chewbacca Costume

Halloween Chewie 1977

Ass-kicker and name-taker Chip Guesman sent in this classic a few months ago. He says:

This was in Rices Landing PA (about 60 miles south of Pittsburgh). My mother made the costume by sewing individual strips of heavy plastic trash bags to a jumpsuit… I remember her staying up all night sewing it by hand for the Halloween parade at school (back when you were allowed to have such a thing!)…

The mask is from the 1976 Ben Cooper King Kong costume. Don’t forget to read the sign.

Thanks, Chip!

Halloween, Circa 1985: GoBots

GoBots 1985-1

GoBots 1985-2

GoBots 1985-3

Cop-Turd, to be exact. Nobody’s first choice, since Collegeville also made Transformers costumes.

The “flame retarded” joke is old, and yet still kind of funny.

(Images via USA Today and eBay)

Halloween, 1979: Baron Karza

Halloween Baron 1979-1

Anyone who wore a Micronauts costume back in the day—by choice—achieved a special geek-pimp status that can never be revoked. Ben Cooper made two Micronauts costumes: Baron Karza and Biotron. See them both at Innerspace Online.

Gene Simmons looked a little out of proportion until I realized he or she was on his/her knees.

(Photo via Are you there, God? It’s me, Generation X)

Halloween, Circa 1977: Mr. Spock

Halloween Spock 1979

This is the Ben Cooper version released in 1976, as seen below. A new version was released in 1979 with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Is that supposed to be Jeannie on the right?

Halloween Spock 1976-1977

The first Ben Cooper Spock costume was released in 1973 (first two photos below). The first Spock costume was produced by Collegeville in 1967 (third photo below).

Ben Cooper Spock 1973

Ben Cooper Spock 1973-2

Spock 1967

(Images via Allison Marchant/Flickr, Star Trek: Vulcanology, eBay, and Jeff Andrews/Pinterest)

Halloween, 1982: Homemade Pac-Man Costume

Halloween Pac-Man 1982

(Photo via Timothy Davis/Flickr)

Halloween, 1979: KISS

Halloween KISS 1979

With a Star Wars t-shirt and a garbage bag cape thrown in for good measure. No shit, take a closer look. Kid’s got a garbage bag tied around his neck.

Hey, we did what we had to do to get that stash of candy.

Ben Cooper Clash of the Titans Medusa Costume (1980)

Halloween COTT 1980

Medusa 1980-1

Medusa 1980-2

Find and fulfill your destiny.

(Photos via eBay and ShannyBannany/Flickr)

Ben Cooper Alien Costume (1979)

Halloween Alien 1979

Halloween Alien 1979-2

This actually happened. See more views at Erick’s Wonderful Wonderblog.

1987 Collegeville Catalog: Photon, Bravestarr, The Transformers, and More




Select pages only. See the whole catalog at Monster Masks.

Photon, believe it or  not, was a short-lived live-action TV show based loosely on the game. It looks totally kooky and I wish I could get a hold of it. Lazer Tag spawned Lazer Tag Academy, an animated series that ran for one season, and also an animated movie.




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