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HG Toys: Godzilla Battles the Tricephalon Monster Play Set (1979)

HG Godzilla 1979-3

HG Godzilla 1979-2

HG Godzilla 1979

As far as I know, this is the only traditional playset featuring Godzilla produced by an American toy company in the ’70s and ’80s, and it’s interesting for a number of reasons (other than the one just stated).

First, it marks the only appearance of Tricephalon, an obvious attempt to mimic King Ghidorah without paying for the license. The box art depicts a mecha-hydra, anticipating both Mecha-King Ghidorah from Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) and Hyper Mecha-King Ghidorah from a 1997 Japanese TV series called Godzilla Island. (There was also a three-headed robotic dragon in the NES game Magmax, first released in 1986)

Second, the destroyer in the set is “missile-firing” (see warning on box) at a time when toys firing projectiles were being hastily recalled.

Third, the box artist is likely Earl Norem, who painted the cover for HG’s Buck Rogers Galactic Play Set from the same year. It looks very much like Norem’s color scheme and style. An expanded version of the playset art was used for a large Godzilla jigsaw puzzle, also issued by HG, also from 1979. The detailed human faces on the lower panel further convince me that Norem is the artist.

HG Godzilla Puzzle 1979

Check out The Sphinx (who makes the same point about Tricephalon anticipating Mecha-King Ghidorah) for close-ups of the Godzilla and Tricephalon molds, and for a listing of the set’s full contents.

(Images via Materialist Zen and The Sphinx)


Logan’s Run Jigsaw Puzzle Ad (1976)

Logan's Run Puzzle

Logan's Run Puzzle-2

The “sci-fi thriller theme is only the first of several outstanding major movies directed to a broad family audience…” Compulsory death at age 30 has broad family appeal? Hilarious.

The second page lists more puzzles in the works based on “family” films: The Deep, Rollercoaster (terrorist plants bomb on rollercoaster), Damnation Alley (not as exciting as it sounds), and The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (cocaine-addled Sherlock Holmes undergoes psychoanalysis with Freud).

The puzzle does look pretty amazing, if you’re into puzzles (I am). It’s based on the movie poster art by Charles Moll, best known for his sci-fi and fantasy paperback covers.

At the same Logan’s Run fan site, I found a couple of pages of a play-by-mail RPG based on the novel and movie. What a great idea. Was there never a comprehensive RPG based in this extended universe?

Logan's Run Game

Logan's Run Game-2

Micronauts Jigsaw Puzzles (1978)

Micronauts Puzzle Karza 1978

Micronauts Puzzle Force 1978

Micronauts Puzzle Biotron 1978

Micronauts Puzzle 1978-2

Three puzzles were released. That’s three too many. Hire an artist, cheapskates! The blur effect isn’t fooling anyone. Someone took a picture of some action figures and slapped it on a box.

American Publishing Corp. published a ton of puzzles well into the ’80s, including a series of D&D puzzles starting in 1983.

(Images via eBay)




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