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The Women of Robotech Commercials (1985)


A few thoughts:

  1. No, Matchbox.
  2. Matchbox, no.
  3. Minmei is Asian, obviously, hence the name Minmei and the fact that, you know, she’s from Japan. I don’t think Matchbox got the memo.
  4. What’s with Rick’s hair? He looks like George Harrison.
  5. Rick is a slut.
  6. The song. I can’t get it out of my head. Stop. The song.
  7. “Isn’t she neat?”

I’ve become slightly obsessed with the Robotech toys, as you can tell. More later.

(Video via PetiteOzma/YouTube)

Robotech Convention Program (1986)

Robotech Convention Flyer 1986

From Zombikaze:

This is the program from the first convention I ever went to.  I had the pleasure to meet and get signatures from the late Carl Macek and also Reba West.

Carl Macek was Robotech‘s producer and story editor, and Reba West voiced Lynn Minmei.


Toy Aisle Zen: Voltron and Transformers (and Robotech Remembered)

Toy Aisle Transformers

Circa 1984, when Voltron and the Transformers first appeared in the States. This shit was expensive, man. I had a couple of Gobots, the poor man’s Transformer, but by ’85 I’d moved on to the much more sophisticated Robotech.

The space opera format and those gnarly Veritech fighters had me at hello, and all the guys had mad crushes on Lisa or Minmei, or both. I vaguely recall Matchbox’s Robotech toy line, but I was moving away from action figures at this point.

I still remember the episode where Ben dies and Max, eyes closed in his darkened cockpit, makes the sign of the cross. Nobody had ever seen anything like that in a cartoon before.

Here’s the clip.

(Image via the NTFA Forums)

(Video via Malrenolds)




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