Starcade Prizes: Crappy Records and Beamscope II

Wow. Look at what one of these poor kids had to take home. The Chariots of Fire soundtrack? Swing 2? Country Rainbow?

Not only did this thing not double the size of your TV, the quality of the magnified image sucked. This doesn’t come as a great surprise. But hey, it’s better than those crappy records…

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1 Response to “Starcade Prizes: Crappy Records and Beamscope II”

  1. 1 leftylimbo January 26, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Man. I like how in the Beamscope ad they appear to be inside some advanced alien spacecraft, but the kid is totally wowing the alien with his little Atari 2600. “This is what we play on Earth!”

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