Toy Aisle Zen (1976): Space: 1999 and Star Trek

toy aisle 1976

December 14, 1976. (Stephanie Maze/The SF Chronicle)

This one’s for Lefty Limbo. According to the San Francisco Chronicle article in which the photo appears, the kid is playing with the Star Flash Computer, part of the Moon Base Alpha set. But not so fast. The Star Flash Computer is a different shape and much smaller, as seen below via Plaid Stallions.

mb alpha

I think he’s playing with the Star Trek Command Communications Console from Mego. The boxes (to the left of the kid) are the right size, although I can’t read the writing.

The Star Trek Phaser Gun he’s looking at was made by Remco.

4 Responses to “Toy Aisle Zen (1976): <em>Space: 1999</em> and <em>Star Trek</em>”

  1. 1 leftylimbo August 21, 2012 at 7:00 am

    Woohoo! Thanks for the tribute. I’ve got to reciprocate.

    Dood, those are classic pics. Ah yes, the almighty bowl cut. Freakin’ awesome. I’ve actually played with that Moon Base Alpha play set, although it wasn’t mine. I distinctly remember how cool that main console/kiosk thing was, lit by a single bulb within (operated by a battery or two in the base). Lookit those chairs, and the bells on that dood! Hilarious.

    That Star Trek Communications Console is super awesome but would’ve been way too advanced and tech-nerdy for my taste in ’76. Dig this commercial though!

    I tried to get into Star Trek back in those days. I loved all the spacecraft, costumes and stuff but the story lines got a little too serious and complex for me. It was still more comprehensive than that Space:1999 show though, which went way over my head (along with the super-dry British flavor as well). Nothing beats Star Wars though; I think any ’70s kid will attest to that. lol

  2. 2 2W2N August 21, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Oh, I love Star Trek. Even as a kid, I just adored the imagery, like you say, and the kooky characters (Spock especially), and the fact that they were out there in the great unknown. TNG is my favorite, but the original is damn close.

    I’ll get Space: 1999 for myself soon. The price keeps dropping. It’s slow, but it happens in space, in the ’70s. That’s good enough for me.

    That communicator doesn’t even work in the commercial! From 10 feet away, you might get a signal, but no way are you going to reach anyone outside.

  3. 3 leftylimbo August 22, 2012 at 6:47 am

    Yup, Spock was definitely my fav character in Star Trek. Data is my fav in TNG, not surprisingly.

    Woohoo, if you’re gonna get Space:1999 then you may as well get the monstrous Eagle 1 spaceship! The price keeps dropping on that one too (hyuk hyuk) 😉

  4. 4 leftylimbo August 22, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    Btw, I also had that ST phaser gun. I actually recall two different Star Trek phaser guns, the other being owned by a cousin of mine. The Remco one I had had a smaller “barrel” which projected 2-3 different images which you could swap out by fitting the caps on the lens (as seen in this link from Plaid Stallions with UK packaging: The other one had a larger barrel/lens but I can’t remember what else made it different.

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