Quick Movie Reviews: Just One of the Guys (1985)

Beware: Spoilers ahead.

Right. So there’s this really hot, stuck up high school girl who wants to be a journalist when she grows up and gets really pissed off when her journalism teacher tells her the piece she wrote to win the big summer newspaper internship isn’t good enough and that she should be a model instead. Hey, just because I’m really hot and totally into myself doesn’t mean I can’t be smart too, she says. But how to prove it? Well, duh!—I’ll just enroll as a boy in the neighboring school and show my boring paper to that journalism teacher to prove that my journalism teacher is sexist.

In this other school (how she/he gets in without parents or transcripts I don’t know) Terry (yeah, Terry) falls for sweet-but-dweeby Rick, which is like totally awkward because she’s supposed to be his best male bud and also she/he has to transform Rick into a cool cat to get him a date with the hot, stuck up girl who’s dating the jock-douche Greg (William Zabka, who played the same part in The Karate Kid).

If you think there’s not a scene where Terry is in fine-looking girl mode, waiting for her shallow college boyfriend to pick her up for a date, when the cute girl (the sexy, adorable Sherilyn Fenn) who has the hots for boy-Terry shows up, and Terry has to run back and forth switching from boy- to girl-Terry… Wait, what was I saying?

The denouement (look it up) unfolds at the prom, of course, when Rick fights the jock-douche and Terry shows Rick her boobs to prove that she/he isn’t gay, just a chick who dressed up as a dude to prove that her journalism teacher was sexist.

(Movie poster via movieposter.com)

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