Bad Trailers for Good Movies: Star Wars (1977)

“The story of a boy, a girl, and a universe”? What the shit does that mean? Just because the story takes place in the universe doesn’t mean the universe is part of the story. Unless the story is about the Big Bang, which it’s not. Maybe I’m being overly philosophical. My point is, what’s with all these creepy narrators ruining trailers for classic ’70s movies?

I do kind of dig the ambient strings in the background, but it’s way more Star Trek than Star Wars. Was the pompously awesome John Williams score not ready yet? Here’s a later trailer with the original music.

This is better. “No legendary adventure of the past could be as exciting as this romance of the future” is pretty lame, but the narrator is not as invasive, and there’s nothing about a boy-girl-universe love triangle.

Friend J. sent me the first clip. He’s hunting down more as we speak.

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