Christmas Morning, Circa 1975: Operation and The Game of Jaws

Christmas Morning Sweet Ass Chair

Operation needs no introduction, obviously, but how about that plastic shark poking out from the right side of the photo? That’s The Game of Jaws. As John Kenneth Muir reflects, many of us were too young to see Jaws when it first came out, so the only way we could participate in the phenomenon/hysteria was through merchandise like this.

The object of the game is similar to Operation. The box (image via Muir) about sums it up.

The Game of Jaws

And how sweet is that red velvet and leather chair/throne upon which our presumptive dad is scratching his crotch? If someone could wrap that bad boy up and drag it under (or near) my tree, I’d be much obliged.

This is the first of a series of Christmas morning shots. Stick around.

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