Quick Movie Reviews: Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (1982)

Timerider Poster

Beware: Spoilers ahead.

Dude in the middle of a motorcycle race gets zapped back in time by some incompetent scientists to the year 1877, where evil cowboys try to steal his fancy machine and he (the motorcycle dude) has sex with his great, great grandma (the motorcycle dude is in fact his own great, great grandpa).

Fred Ward (Remo Williams, Tremors) plays the motorcycle dude, and everybody loves Fred Ward, but not even Fred Ward can make one of the worst scripts ever written okay. I’m sorry, he just cant. And the motorcycle is just a motorcycle. It doesn’t shoot cool lasers or anything.

Good things I can say about Timerider include:

  1. The poster is awesome.
  2. It’s an early time travel flick, predating both Terminator and Back to the Future.
  3. Everybody loves Fred Ward.
  4. The evil cowboys are played in appropriate over-the-top fashion by Peter Coyote (the scientist with all the keys in E.T.), Richard Masur (Clark in The Thing, the dad in License to Drive), and Tracey Walter (the cook in City Slickers).
  5. Michael Nesmith, one of The Monkees, wrote the music and co-wrote the script. The music was fun.

(Poster image via SciFi-Movies)

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