Planet of the Apes Trading Cards (1969, 1975)

POTA Box 1969

PotA Trading Cards-4

PotA Trading Cards-5

PotA Trading Cards-6

PotA Trading Cards

PotA Trading Cards-2

PotA Trading Cards-3

PotA Trading Cards-9

PotA Trading Cards-10

The first four images are from the 1969 set. All others are from the 1975 set that came out with the release of the Planet of the Apes TV series—actually, the cards debuted after the short-lived show was cancelled (in December of 1974). Both sets were released by Topps.

My strongest memory of the Planet of the Apes movies is watching them in after-school daycare. All the kids (and a teacher or two) would huddle around the tiny TV, totally mesmerized. I would keep looking for my mom out of the corner of my eye so that when she showed up I could beg her to let me stay. The movies would play in the same slot, consecutively, throughout the week.

I’m not sure there was a greater influence on a kid’s world than syndication and having to choose between 13 channels.

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