All Denim, All the Time: Andre Gower Edition

Andre Gower CotS

Andre Gower Denim

My wife is always telling me about the major crush she had on Andre Gower, so much so that I now get really irritated and jealous when she talks about the crush she had (has, let’s be honest) on the guy. Gower was in the ’80s classic The Monster Squad (1987), for those of you who don’t know. You might remember the scene in which the longstanding metaphysical debate over whether or not Wolfman has nards is settled once and for all.

Gower was also in Circus of the Stars, a surprisingly long-running show in which the stars of the day dressed up in embarrassing outfits and performed—you guessed it—circus stunts.

Anyway, I sprung the top photo on my wife one night as she was going on about “Andre” and said, triumphantly, “This is the guy you have a crush on?”

She spluttered something about Circus of the Stars not counting, then calmly pulled up the current-ish picture below and said, smugly, “Yeah, this is the guy I have a crush on.”

Andre Gower IMDB

Andre Gower: one.

2 Warps to Neptune: zero.

(Images via Totally Awesome Teen Pinups and Magazines and IMDb)

1 Response to “All Denim, All the Time: Andre Gower Edition”

  1. 1 Anon January 12, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    Wow, that woodman scene was bad. And of course he has nards, he’s a man. I love how he made the other kid advance upon wolfman and kick him when he had a free shot from behind and was much closer. I guess that’s why he’s the leader.

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