Super Team of the Universe (I’m Not Joking) and Marty Toy

super team of the universe

They’re not Masters of the Universe. They’re Super Team of the Universe. There’s a big difference. I don’t see a Marty Toy label, but the figures, weapons, logo, and bullet-pointed printing match the Warriors of the Galaxy set.

It seems Marty Toy made a living, though probably not a very good one, sucking after the popular toys of the day. Bend-A-Bots, anyone?




Dude’s name is BONGG, with two G’s. I do enjoy the cloud of fire in the background, and what looks to be splashing lava, and the encroaching (but not the least bit menacing) UFOs. This is the toy equivalent of a B movie, and B movies are one of my special obsessions.

Oh, and allow me to introduce my good friend, Mr. H2O.

mr h20

He’s got “pump action hand shooting moveable arms,” and his “turnable” head shoots water “to the left, right and straight forward.” I simply can’t abide robots who shoot water only to the left, or only to the right, or only straight forward. Any water-shooting robot worth his H2O is able to fire in all three directions.

Marty Toy, now that I’ve found you, I’m never going to let you go.

(Images via Action Figure Archive and Toy Nerds)

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