High School Assembly, 1984

High School 1984

Published in an unidentified newspaper, probably The Miami Herald, in 1984. Someone named Larry Meyer is speaking at Ponce de Leon High School in northwest Florida. I’ve got no idea who Meyer is, but the students look intrigued.

The kid on the far left of the front row is wearing an OP (Ocean Pacific) polo.

OP Shirt

OP Shirt-2

The kid in the middle is wearing a Bud Light t-shirt. (The Annual Budweiser Light… something. I can’t make it out.) The kid to his right is wearing a JCPenney-exclusive “Fox Shirt,” designed to compete with Lacoste’s crocodile. Le Tigre’s tiger polos were another big Lacoste competitor.

Fox Shirt JCPenney

(Images via Big Ole Photos/eBay and Etsy)

1 Response to “High School Assembly, 1984”

  1. 1 Buster April 14, 2014 at 2:11 am

    So great. I was in the second grade about that time (had a “cool” older brother in 8th grade. Loved the Op and the Roos. Good times!!
    Use to wear a red t-shirt with the blue bull mault liquor on it to elementary. That wouldn’t fly anywhere today. Man how times have changes.
    Great picture

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