Arcade Cabinets: Moon Patrol (1982)

Moon Patrol Marquee

Moon Patrol CP

Moon Patrol CP-2

Moon Patrol Side Art

Moon Patrol Side Art-2

Moon Patrol Cabinet

Moon Patrol Flyer

Moon Patrol Flyer-2

(Images via, RoTheBlog, KLOV forums, Classic Arcade Gaming, The Arcade Flyer Archive)

2 Responses to “Arcade Cabinets: <em>Moon Patrol</em> (1982)”

  1. 1 2W2N April 23, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    The irony here is that the side art at the time was meant to be space age retro, and the marquee and cpo were meant to be a stylish modern. 30 years later, the side art is cartoon-y, almost kitschy (don’t get me wrong, I love it), and the marquee and cpo are definitively ’80s retro.

    Funny how time works.

  2. 2 leftylimbo April 23, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Great observation; it’s totally weird how time works. There was a Round Table Pizza at the Fox Hills Mall by my house back in the ’80s. We went there a few times for my birthday parties but would go there just to eat, and then splurge at the Time Out Arcade upstairs. I later noticed that the pizza parlor actually had 2 arcade games isolated in the back room—one of them being Moon Patrol. It became an instant favorite of mine, especially since nobody else seemed to know it was there. The game became increasingly difficult as the levels wore on, and at one point it was just frustratingly impossible to defeat. I must’ve pounded my fists on that control board dozens of times! After spending way too many quarters on it to no avail, I just gave up on it.

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