Comic Book Store, 1983

Comic Book Store 1983

Published in an unidentified newspaper on August 14, 1983. I see (click to enlarge) The Uncanny X-Men #175, What If #41, Vigilante #1, Thor #336, Thor Annual #11, The Thing #6, Star Wars #77, Frank Miller’s Ronin #2, Rom #48, The New Mutants #10, Moon Knight Special Edition #1, Marvel Universe #11, Marvel Age #8 (Stan Lee and Jim Shooter on the cover).

There’s a Starslayer (“A Celtic barbarian in the far-flung future”) poster on the upper right side of the wall. Next to it is a Jon Sable Freelance poster. Both series were written and drawn by Mike Grell (Warlord) and published by First Comics.

Interior shots of old comic shops are really rare. I’ve got one more here.

2 Responses to “Comic Book Store, 1983”

  1. 1 lithicbee April 25, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    You sent me on a search for pics of my childhood local comic book store. Other than an article about how it burned down in 1990 and one of its old paper bags for sale online ($15!), no pics. What I’d really love is a picture of “Angry Dave,” the guy who hated kids and ran the store.

  2. 2 2W2N April 26, 2013 at 12:36 am

    I hear that. I’m dying for pics of my old store and the guy who owned it. I remember saving a story about him in the local paper, but of course not a damn trace of anything today.

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