Kids Playing Portable Pac-Man, 1982

Pac-Man 1982-2

Pac-Man 1982

1982 - Jim, David, and Pac Man

The first two photos are from Melissa Wilkins. That’s her in the first photo, and a neighborhood friend in the second. She describes the scenes here and here.

That’s Bandai’s Packri Monster in the last shot, a Pac-Man clone (duh). The photo is from jlkwak, who talks about the game and the kids who had it:

EVERYONE in the school wanted a shot at playing it. Students would literally line up in front of their table for a chance to play a round. These two fellows were the coolest kids in the middle school wing for a week.

I got my chance to play the game, once. Like the real Pac-Man, I was terrible. My turn was up very quickly.

Truth. The kids who owned these games were superstars, and turns were scarce and short.

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