Christmas Morning, 1980: Matchbox’s Spider-Man Race and Chase, LJN’s `Computer Command’ Corvette

Christmas Spidey 1980

The kid is really stoked about his Spider-Man Race and Chase set, part of Matchbox’s Speedtrack/Powertrack line. Here it is set up and ready to go. Photo is via the comprehensive Powertrack blog.

Spiderman Race and Chase

In the photos below, from the same blog, Spidey and the Hulk (the Green Guy had his own set) promote their products at the New York Toy Fair in the late ’70s. Pat Dennis, the designer and developer of Matchbox’s new racing system, lends a hand with the technical details.

Toy Fair 1977-1978

Toy Fair 1977-1978-2

Toy Fair 1977-1978-3

In the next photo, we’re joined by another happy kid, and a happy (but tired) dad. I love that the first kid’s expression hasn’t changed. The Christmas morning photos come from Melissa Wilkins/Flickr.

Christmas Spidey 1980-2

There’s an Empire Strikes Back figure on the couch, a Microscope Lab Set, Mouse Trap, and LJN’s programmable (like the Big Trak) 255 Computer Command Corvette. I remembered it when I saw the box.

LJN Corvette 1980

LJN Corvette 1980-2

1 Response to “Christmas Morning, 1980: Matchbox’s Spider-Man Race and Chase, LJN’s `Computer Command’ Corvette”

  1. 1 Ed December 4, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    Man I had the 255 Computer Command Corvette, but I wanted the Big Trak.

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