Custom Canvas Art Prints: Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, and More

Batman Print

Star Trek Print

Star Wars Print

Voyage Print

It’s probably too late for Christmas, but damn, these are really nice. The images have been digitally recreated by Greg at the Retro Art Blog based on original trading card wrappers, View-Master covers, classic board game covers, classic model covers, and so on. Above is a  small sampling. See the rest at his eBay store, Retro Art Stuff.

Sizes vary depending on what’s being reproduced: board game canvases will look like board games, and trading card canvases will look like a (giant!) pack of trading cards. All of the prints above are 16″ x 20″.  The killer Spock print is based on the cover of an old AMT model kit.

Greg’s also on Facebook.

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