Interview with Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill (1977)

Star Wars Cast 1977

Star Wars Cast 1977-2

The outstanding photos are from the original Interview magazine story, which ran before Star Wars premiered. The interviewers, Susan Pile and Geraldine Smith, have absolutely no idea how to approach the subject of a “space thriller.” The actors don’t seem to, either. Interview was founded in 1969 by Andy Warhol, hence the unedited, improvisational nature of the exchange.

Hamill is turning away and covering his face because of his terrible car accident earlier in the year. It actually makes the photos more compelling, in my opinion. The interviewers don’t mention it specifically, but we do get this: “Pile introduces Matthew Rolston, the photographer, to everybody and explains that Mark’s face is not to be photographed.”

I love this exchange with Ford:

PILE: So, being an actor then, being a professional actor must be kind of hard because you have to let your ego be sublimated by a director who tells you who you are?

FORD: No. Not at all. [laughs] It’s easy. The only thing hard about being an actor is being out of work. So, when you get a job—that part ain’t hard at all.

Little did he know that he would never be out of work again.

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