UFO Past & Present: A Sticker Book (Whitman, 1978)

Whitman UFO 1978-1

Whitman UFO 1978-2

Whitman UFO 1978-3

Whitman UFO 1978-4Whitman UFO 1978-5

Whitman UFO 1978-6Whitman UFO 1978-7

Whitman UFO 1978-8Whitman UFO 1978-9

Whitman UFO 1978-10Whitman UFO 1978-11

Whitman UFO 1978-12

Whitman UFO 1978-13

Whitman UFO 1978-14Whitman UFO 1978-15

Whitman UFO 1978-16Whitman UFO 1978-17

Whitman UFO 1978-18Whitman UFO 1978-19

Whitman UFO 1978-20Whitman UFO 1978-21

Whitman UFO 1978-22

Along with the sticker book, Whitman published two coloring books in 1978: UFO Seeing is Believing and UFO Space Strangers. There was also a comic book series the same year, UFO & Outer Space, reprinting select issues of the long-running 1968 series UFO Flying Saucers.

The books followed in the wake of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and shows like In Search of… that sensationalized ‘the unexplained’.

The astronauts of Gemini VII and Gemini X really did sight UFOs. Too bad they weren’t the awesomely kitschy craft seen here.


1 Response to “<em>UFO Past & Present: A Sticker Book</em> (Whitman, 1978)”

  1. 1 Ed April 8, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    I am fairly certain that I have a UFO something or other comic book that looks a lot like this artwork. I have to get up in my attic and take a look.

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