Dr. Pepper Commercials Featuring Godzilla, 1985

Godzilla 1985 was released in Japan a year earlier as Gojira, the first film to feature the big guy since 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla. Like the original Gojira from 1954, the U.S. version was heavily edited, and heavy-handed scenes with Raymond Burr were inserted.

There were three versions of the Dr. Pepper commercial: the long version above, a shorter version, and a Diet Dr. Pepper version introducing Godzilla’s bride-to-be. I remember all of them, and I remember how disappointed I was in the movie, which I saw in the theater. (If I recall, a Dr. Pepper machine appeared prominently in one of the American scenes.)

Trailers and promos for Godzilla 1985 are below.

2 Responses to “Dr. Pepper Commercials Featuring Godzilla, 1985”

  1. 1 Thingamajiik April 11, 2014 at 11:37 pm

    That “Thing” in the Dr. Pepper Commercial looks nothing like Godzilla, okay the scenery of the commercial is well made but the should have asked the TOHO studio for a costume or specs of the costume.
    This remembers me of the hillarious “US Version” of Godzilla, by the way why was the 1954 version not Dubbed by a team of Voice actors instead the main movie is in Japanese and Raymond Burr just stands around looking at nothing! – The Movie was cut in germany but we had at least a proper version! The US version ist just strange why would you do something like that, what were they thinking back then?

  2. 2 Thingamajiik April 11, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    Whoops i forgot that Raymond Burr was also forcibly inserted in 1984’s Godzilla movie! I’ve heard of that fact once before but forgot to mention it before. Again in Germany the movie was cut by distrubitors but we had a proper version. I remember watching this movie 28 years ago on a vhs copy (back then it was legal) that a friend of the Family gave us on it were: Airwolf – the Pilot and Godzilla – Return of the Monster (translation of the German Release title) The Godzilla movie reached its climax with the nukes being started – and then the tape stopped. That idiot that recorded the tape wasn’t making sure that those two features fit on a VHS cassette. And so i missed the Ending. In the late 90’s a friend of mine gave me his dvd copy of “Godzilla 1984” finally i could watch the whole movie and it was a reconstructed version featuring a ll scenes that were trimmed.

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