Reedley High School Yearbook, 1955

Reedley 1955

Reedley 1955-2

Reedley 1955-3

Reedley 1955-4

Reedley 1955-5

Reedley 1955-6

Reedley 1955-7

Reedley High School (public) is in Fresno County, California. The illustrations are gorgeous, and telling. Historians generally cite 1955 as the year the Space Race began, and the phrase “flying saucer” dates to 1947 (“UFO” was officially adopted by the U.S. Air Force in 1952). The futuristic Reedley is a great example of the Mid-Century modern aesthetic.

Take some time to read some of the notes when you can. Here’s one from the first page:

I hope you get cheer leader, at least I voted for you. You’re a real cute kid with a personality to match keep it up – don’t get to conceited – have much fun

lots of luck

“Real cute kid” and “real swell girl” come up often, and both sexes use it.

(Photos via eileensbooks/eBay)

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