Blip #5 (June, 1983): ‘Technology + Tradition = Summer Fun’

Blip #5 1983-1

Blip #5 1983-8

Blip #5 1983-5

Blip #5 1983-6

Blip #5 1983-7









Blip #5 1983-2

Blip #5 1983-3

Blip #5 1983-4

Blip was Marvel’s short-lived—seven issues only—foray into the video game world. It was colorful but silly, printed on comic stock and marketed to younger kids.

Page two talks about the development of Atari’s E.T., and refers to TRON (the movie) as a “flop.” Ripping every gamer’s favorite flick was probably not a good idea.

The activity on pages 12 and 13 is representative of the entire run. Kids of every age would have found it condescending.

Pages 14 and 16 are about computer camp, one of my favorite subjects. I wrote about the Atari camp here. I love the robot on the lawn chair, even though it’s a clunky (pun intended) metaphor.

And, if you weren’t feeling old enough already, how about the “News Blips” on page 23?

The most amazing feature of the Concept 100 is its satellite hookup. That’s right—this car will actually have a computer that is tuned in to a satellite orbiting in space. What good is this? One big advantage is tracking. If you ever get lost, just order up a map and the satellite will find your car…

Read the whole issue, and the whole run, at

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