Read Magazine #13 (February, 1975): Interview with Stan Lee

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I haven’t been able to find much on Read magazine yet, but it seems to have run from the early to late 1970s, and focused on giving young readers fun, relevant stories and articles.

Lots of good stuff in the interview about what does and doesn’t constitute “serious culture.”

 “The public accepts all the media more now,” explained Stan. “Take movies. Thirty years ago movies were considered frivolous and unimportant. Now they’re taught in schools and colleges, analyzed, etc.”

The literary novel was also considered frivolous until at least the first quarter of the 20th Century. Today, graphic novels and comics are taught in schools and colleges, and many universities offer degrees in Pop Culture.

Stan again on “why Marvel’s heroes had so many failings”:

“We’ve always felt that if readers could accept the fairy tale quality that this person has green skin or can burst into flames or whatever, then everything else should be realistic… We can write much more interesting stories with human heroes than with unreal ones who never lose their cool.”

Lee, Kirby, and Ditko created a series of interconnected myths that are just as powerful in their way to the modern world as the stories of Zeus and Odysseus were to the ancient Greeks.

(Images via Steven Casteel/eBay)

1 Response to “<em>Read</em> Magazine #13 (February, 1975): Interview with Stan Lee”

  1. 1 Atomic Kommie Comics July 22, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    The cover for that issue of Read is the black line art by John Romita for the only NEW poster from the 1970s Third Eye line of Marvel Comics black light posters!

    It was a promo poster not meant for sale!

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