All My Children Game Commercial (TSR, 1985)

Because TSR wasn’t making enough money at the time—from $27 million in 1981-1982 to a projected $60 million in 1982-1983—the “products of your imagination” crew decided to lap up a license for the second most popular daytime soap. General Hospital, consistently first in the ratings, already had a game.

College girls (note the Yale flag in the dorm room) and yuppies are the clear marketing demographic.

“To be good, you’ve got to be bad.” Indeed. TSR had embraced the Reagan era. The shark had been jumped.

All My Children 1985

All My Children 1985-2

1 Response to “<em>All My Children Game</em> Commercial (TSR, 1985)”

  1. 1 christian July 17, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    That’s all kinds of awful awesome. TSR had serious R&D money at their disposal..

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