Fisher-Price Adventure Kit: Alpha Interceptor (1982)

FP AK 1982

FP AK 1982-2

Gorgeous. And I like how Fisher-Price gets us to assemble our own toy—very Tom Sawyer. There were four Adventure Kits, three of which are seen on the back of the box. The fourth was the 4×4 Trail Boss. All of them are part of the superior Adventure People line.

(Images via The Shiplomats/eBay)

3 Responses to “Fisher-Price Adventure Kit: Alpha Interceptor (1982)”

  1. 1 narvo July 18, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    Wow. Never saw these! It’s crazy—when I looked up the FP Adventure People catalog, I realized that I had nearly every single set back then. Why didn’t I know about those kits?

    Nevertheless, those sets RULED. My all-time fav of ’em was the Sea Explorer set, which was perfect for playing on the shag carpet and in the bath tub, or better yet, my uncle’s pool. Did you see the shot of my original box on Flickr?

    Fisher Price Adventure People: Sea Explorer

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