TSR’s Days of the Dragon 1980 Calendar

Days Calendar 1980

Days Calendar Ad 1980

The cover image is via Tome of Treasures. The ad is from Dragon #33 (January, 1980). I don’t have any of the interior art, unfortunately, but the art credits are as follows:

John Barnes: April and January (1981).

Dale Carlson: January (1980), May, September, and December.

Elladan Ellrohir (real name: Kenneth Rahman): February and November. Rahman, apart from artwork under several different guises, co-designed TSR’s Divine Right and Knights of Camelot games.

Phil Foglio: June.

Bill Hannan: front cover (from Dragon #1), July, and October.

Dean Morrisey: March and August.

The incomparable Darlene did the titles and title illustrations. With due respect to the other artists, that’s what I want to see most.

I thought the first Dragon calendar came out in ’79, but I can’t seem to find any evidence.

2 Responses to “TSR’s <em>Days of the Dragon</em> 1980 Calendar”

  1. 1 Angantyr September 12, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    I think there was a 1979 calendar. I seem to remember the cover picture was of a bunch of heroes, in the middle of some vast arena, with a bunch of dragons flying in through a keyhole shape in the far wall. I’ll have to check some early The Dragon mags to see if I can find some mention of it.

  1. 1 Dungeons & Dragons/TSR T-Shirt, Circa 1978 | 2 Warps to Neptune Trackback on January 14, 2015 at 3:52 pm

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