Star Trek Poster by Jim Steranko, Circa 1973

Star Trek Steranko 1973

Star Trek Ad 1973

Said DeForest Kelley in 1984:

A lot of young people have been brought up in a negative atmosphere… We began when the hippie generation was sitting around, and I think Star Trek gave its members hope.

We told them, ‘There are still new frontiers.’ We showed them a group of adults who really cared for each other and for their fellow man… The young mind is so open, so ready to be saturated

Star Trek premiered in 1966, the same year the Society for Creative Anachronism was founded and one year after publication of the first paperback edition of The Lord of the Rings.

Jim Steranko’s penchant for the psychedelic is brilliantly evident in his earliest comics work.

(Images via Lisa Caplan/Pinterest and They Boldly Went)

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