Pogo Bal Ads and Commercials, 1987

Pogo Bal 1987-1

Pogo Bal 1987-2

There’s only one ‘l’ in Pogo Bal. Remember that. The fad was a big hit in the summer of 1987, but sales plummeted the following year, probably because it was so goddamn tiring and looked so stupid.

Both commercials highlight the obnoxious styles and faddism characteristic of late 1980s decadence, summed up in the first spot by a giant, corpse-like demon-hand reaching in through the art deco palace window to grab and presumably throttle the kids to death before dragging them to hell.

(Images via The Museum of Play and X-Entertainment)

1 Response to “Pogo Bal Ads and Commercials, 1987”

  1. 1 Don Gates September 30, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Obviously from the decade that invented hot and cold running cocaine…

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