Board Games: The Keep (Mayfair Games, 1983)

The Keep 1983-1

The Keep 1983-2

The Keep 1983-3

The Keep 1983-5

The Keep 1983-6

The Keep 1983-4

Another strange licensing choice attached to a very R rated feature that didn’t receive a lot of push from the studio. The Keep was not a “hit Paramount movie” in any sense, but it does have a cult following because of the memorable visuals and Tangerine Dream score. (I reviewed the film here.) What’s cool about the game is that one of the players gets to play the demon Molasar, who eats one of his servants every turn to maintain his infernal energy.

The box cover is a variation of the original movie poster—one of the best of the ’80s, and probably why Mayfair decided to buy the license—with one important difference. On the original, a group of Nazis is seen entering the keep. Here, we’ve got a couple of lovers kissing. It’s a very curious choice. I thought it might have been an alternate poster design, but I can’t find any evidence of that.

There was also an RPG module based on The Keep. I’ll post that later.

(Images via eBay and Board Game Geek)

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