Klipsch Promotional T-Shirt Featuring Frodo (Circa 1978)

LOTR Klipsch 1978

LOTR Klipsch 1978-2

A very peculiar item produced and sold (and/or given away) by Klipsch, a loudspeaker company based in the Midwest. We see front and back views of Frodo holding the (fiery?) ring, straddling a Lascala model speaker. `Bullshit’ is written on the back of the shirt—in Dwarven runes!—an apparent reference to the outlandish claims of Klipsch’s overpriced competitors.

The shirt was even modeled in Klipsch promotional materials at the time, as seen below. Wear one of these while driving a Honda Hobbit and I’ll give you a Lord of the Rings key ring to round out the trilogy.

LOTR Klipsch 1978-4

(Images via eBay and the Klipsch forums)

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