Dungeons & Dragons Power Cycle (Coleco, 1984) (Part One)

D&D Cycle-1

D&D Cycle-2

D&D Cycle-3

D&D Cycle-4

D&D Cycle-5

D&D Cycle-6

D&D Cycle-7

If you thought the D&D big wheel was a myth, think again. Coleco released a series of Power Cycles throughout the ’80s, this one among them, although I’ve never seen it advertised in any catalog. The pictures aren’t great, and the specimen is pretty beat up, but we can see that the cycle is fashioned in the image of—you’ll never guess—a dragon. I’m betting some sticker highlights have fallen off the face and probably the wheels (see what’s left on the nostrils and the wings). I love the colors.

The Elmore art on the back of the seat, from the box cover of the 1983 Basic Set revision, is the go-to image for all the licenses from 1983-1984, and there are three more pieces on the cycle’s dash. The two on the stem are also Elmore, seen here and here. I can’t identify the image on the very top—could be lenticular.

If anyone has an advertisement for the cycle, or pics of one in better shape, please let me know.

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