Eerie Visions Art Portfolio by Ken Kelly (Earth Art Graphics, 1977)

Eerie Kelly 1977-1

Eerie Kelly 1977-2

Eerie Kelly 1977-3

Eerie Kelly 1977-4

Eerie Kelly 1977-5

Eerie Kelly 1977-6

Limited edition (1100 copies) ten plate portfolio signed by the artist. All of the pieces here originally appeared on Creepy and Eerie covers except plates one (“Lucy”) and eight (“All Hallow’s Eve”), which I believe are original to this portfolio. Earth Art subsequently released posters featuring the original works (seen below). Interestingly, according to the seller, the posters were given away as carnival prizes.

Kelly Poster-2

Kelly Poster-1

(Images via eBay, Etsy, and Etsy)

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