Arcade Zen (1982 – 1984): Frenzy, Omega Race, and Crossbow

Arcade 82

July 14, 1982. (Photo: Weyman Swagger/The Sun)

Original caption:

Game exhibit aims to ‘blip’ opposition. At the National Association of Counties convention, officials who may be regulating video games play at a manufacturers’ exhibit.

If this lady ever takes the stick out of her ass, she might start to enjoy herself. She’s playing Kangaroo.

Arcade 82-2

April 14, 1982. (Photo: Paul Hutchins/Evening Sun Staff)

Original caption:

Players try video games at the 7-Eleven store on Frankford Avenue, one location appealing city ban on them in certain areas.

Frenzy was the 1982 sequel to Berserk. That’s Make Trax (1981) on the far right.

Arcade 82-3

March 16, 1982. (Photo: Weyman Swagger/The Sun)

Original caption:

Video game players at Pollock Johnny’s on The Block.

Omega Race, Midway’s only vector game, came out in 1981. It was a rare sight in my parts, like Space Duel. I loved all the vector games. There was something a little magical about them.

Arcade 1-9-82

January 9, 1982. (Photo: The Sun)

Original caption:

Battling the bug-eyed monsters. Anatol Polillo, 23, aimed his sights on outer space yesterday without the help of a telescope. Instead, he pitted his reflexes against “Space Odyssey,” one of many popular video games in the Maryland Science Center’s second “Great Computer Invasion.”

The Maryland Science Center, founded in 1797, is still going strong.

Arcade 1984

The Machine Shop Arcade, August 6, 1984. (Photo: Pix L. Pearson/The Sun)

Crossbow (1983), like Venture before and Gauntlet after, was inspired by the success of D&D. I was really bad at it.

(Photos via the Tribune Photo Archive)

2 Responses to “Arcade Zen (1982 – 1984): <em>Frenzy</em>, <em>Omega Race</em>, and <em>Crossbow</em>”

  1. 1 Brad Conrad January 27, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    I agree with you about the vector games. It’s just not the same playing them on the computer – you need the the true vector monitor to really feel the magic.
    A local bar here in Halifax had a Space Dual for a few months just recently. I used to go down there just to play it. Just like old times except I could drink a beer. They replaced it with Joust which was cool and then with a pinball machine which is cool too.
    I’m flying into Baltimore tomorrow… I somehow doubt that the Maryland Science Center still has a Space Odyssey machine. I loved that game too.

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