The Lord of the Rings Towels (Tolkien Enterprises/Cannon Mills, 1978)

LOTR Towels

LOTR Towels-2

By the same company that made the comforter. The second towel looks pretty faded. Possibly the inspiration for the 1982 AD&D Beach Towels?

(Images via eBay)

2 Responses to “<em>The Lord of the Rings</em> Towels (Tolkien Enterprises/Cannon Mills, 1978)”

  1. 1 Aaron White May 2, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    Wow. I live in Kannapolis, the erstwhile home of Cannon Mills. The mill closed, and a scientific research campus (where my wife works) now stands in the mill’s place. I’m sure a lot of the researchers would be intrigued to know that these nerdy towels got made at the same place where they’re doing experiments, and reading fantasy on their lunch breaks.

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