Star Wars `Space Fantasy Sweepstakes’ Entry Form (1977)



I mentioned the Star Wars Celica last year on Facebook. No one knows what happened to it, although urban legend dictates that the airbrushed beauty collects dust in a garage somewhere, waiting for the day when one special nerd will start her up with a special key (passed down through the nerd’s family for generations) and launch her into the stars to face yet another catastrophically engineered Death Star.

In the promotional art, Chewie appears on the hood, but the final version is a riff on the Star Wars poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt.

The photo below, taken on the 20th Century Fox lot, is a detail from the cover of the October 1977 issue of Toyota Today. The poster in the background is the billboard version illustrated by Tom Jung.

More background and photos at the Star Wars Collectors Archive.



1 Response to “<em>Star Wars</em> `Space Fantasy Sweepstakes’ Entry Form (1977)”

  1. 1 Tim May 28, 2016 at 4:35 am

    Another catastrophically engineered Death Star? How could you possibly have known the plot of The Force Awakens?

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