1979 Lauro Cruises Brochure

Cruise 79-1

Cruise 79-2

Cruise 79-3

Cruise 79-4

Cruise 79-5

I wish I had the whole brochure, because there’s so much red lushness and awkward grammar:

The Cunard Princess, the most recently built cruise ship. Nobody had ever seen before such a beautiful and functional ship cruising in the Mediterranean and probably will not still for many years.

The Achille Lauro mentioned on the cover of the brochure was named after the original owner of the Italian line and has quite a history, culminating in the ship’s hijacking by the Palestine Liberation Front in 1985, an incident dramatized in at least two TV movies and one opera. In 1994 the ship caught fire off the coast of Somalia and sank two days later with all hands and passengers safe on shore.

Read more about Lauro Lines here.

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