Arcade Zen: Malibu Castle Golf and Games, 1982

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The Redwood City Golf and Games was owned by Malibu Grand Prix and survived more than 35 years. Interesting that the “the mock-medieval enchantment” of the place is so closely associated with “the electronic gamer with a romantic soul.”

The article makes some historically interesting points about the “family fun center” trying to distance itself from the “less savory connotations of the word ‘arcade'”. The Redwood City location, says the writer, had an “atmosphere” and “ambiance” that “elevates the entire arcade experience.” And because the home consoles were becoming more popular, the arcade had to “become a greater and greater part of the attraction, rather than simply a place to be endured” while playing the games.

Craig Stieglitz, who grew up in the area and managed the center for 18 years, had this to say when it closed in 2013 due to exorbitant rent:

I grew up in the area, and I came here as a kid… I got a job here for the summer, and 18 years later, here I am. That’s the sort of place this is.

Another resident added:

It’s sad—it’s a piece of your childhood taken away from you… There’s nothing quite like it out here.

The property was bought by a developer less than a month later. Upscale office buildings are in the works. God bless America.

The article is from Electronic Games #8 (October, 1982).


1 Response to “Arcade Zen: Malibu Castle Golf and Games, 1982”

  1. 1 Don Gates May 28, 2015 at 4:04 am

    We had a Malibu Fun Center in Tampa while I was growing up. I haven’t thought about it in years! I had such fun there, and will always associate it with the my parents’ imposed ban on D&D at the time. Because of the moral panic, between going to Malibu to play Joust and playing with Dragonriders of the Styx figures I felt like I was being subversive…

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