Return of the Jedi ‘Death Star Battle Sweepstakes’ Ad and Entry Form, 1983

ROTJ 1983

Look at that Grand Prize, nerds! A “futuristic video room,” an Atari 800, and Atari’s Star Wars coin-op! I also dig the Darth Vader Speaker Telephone, even though it looks like a blender.

I love how the entry form requires at least some rudimentary knowledge of the movie and the game (which I never played). The ad art is very Berkey-esque.

Ad is from Starlog #76 (November, 1983) via Martin Kennedy. (If you’re not following Kennedy’s Tumblr, you’re really missing out.)

1 Response to “<em>Return of the Jedi</em> ‘Death Star Battle Sweepstakes’ Ad and Entry Form, 1983”

  1. 1 Riley J May 30, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    I have the Death Star battle game on emulator. It’s actually VERY good. The Ewok game was never released.Though the game was advertised, like you see here. A prototype was discovered in 1997. Atari Age has a good article about it. I guess the games crash of 1983 prevented a release.

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