Jaws Preview Ad, 1974

Jaws Poster 1974

The ad ran in the trades shortly after Benchley’s novel came out in February 1974—I’ve seen it for sale with “in preparation” written around the borders. Zanuck and Brown read the novel and bought the film rights before it was even published. Looks more like it’s going to be a Roger Corman picture, based on the exploitation concept and lurid art, a point Corman has always enjoyed making:

Vincent Canby wrote in the New York Times: “What is ‘Jaws’ but a big-budget Roger Corman film?” What he didn’t say was it was not only bigger but better. I’m perfectly willing to admit that. When I saw “jaws,” I thought, I’ve made this picture. First picture I ever made was “Monster From the Ocean Floor.”

The book seen in the ad is the hardcover edition, with a cover illustrated by Paul Bacon. Roger Kastel redid the cover for the paperback, and it was his art that was used for the film. I have a very high opinion of both Spielberg’s film and Kastel’s poster, though the novel is awful.

Jaws turned 40 years old on June 20th.

(Image via Blu-ray.com)

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