Star Wars, Star Trek and the 21st Century Christians by Winkie Pratney (Bible Voice, 1978)



A very strange but fascinating attempt to force the Evangelical Christian worldview into the Star Wars and Star Trek universes. The self-published book by “mavin” Pratney is written in free verse and dedicated to George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, and Jesus. From Chapter 1:


You were made to live forever.
Our hunger to go beyond the stars is not alien.
It is normal. You were born to rule the Universe.
Our desire to plant a border beyond the edge of the Universe is but a dim, diluted echo of our true created destiny.

Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel
because all the world seems filled with its small aspiring Darth Vaders –
Don’t line up behind the Dark Lord.Our awareness that our lives ought to be involved in a great battle
which somehow involves the whole future of Mankind is far, far more than fairy tale.
Our dreams,
Our hopes
Our expectations are not big enough.
It is time we gave up our small ambitions and discovered our real destiny […]

The odds seem overwhelming –
Many strong and great men gone forever.
No sign of any of the Jedi Knights around Against us, near invincible technological might
Its ally, supernatural power twisted to evil and destructive ends.

One by one, the strong men in high places giving up the battle,
One by one, the few and the brave hunted down and killed.

And now, the Final Showdown.

You can read the whole thing on the author’s site.

7 Responses to “<em>Star Wars, Star Trek and the 21st Century Christians</em> by Winkie Pratney (Bible Voice, 1978)”

  1. 1 narvo August 17, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    How epic is it to see the USS Enterprise do a fly-by on the Death Star??! …well, either that or…dood…Spock…smiling?? wtf.

  2. 2 Jay August 20, 2015 at 2:59 am

    Sulu: Captain, I’m getting a reading from that space station. It’s powering up its main laser & it looks to be targeting Alderaan. Our sensors show that there’s a small thermal exhaust port that we can hit from here…

    Kirk: Negative, Mr. Sulu. The Prime Directive states that we cannot interfere.

    Alderaan: BOOM!

  3. 7 Mark G. September 18, 2015 at 8:37 am

    Every time I scroll past this post,I find that book weirder and weirder. Star Trek was created by a secular Humanist and the show clearly reflects Humanist values.

    And, in training, lifestyle, and philosophy, the Jedi of Star Wars were based on the Buddhist Sohei warriors of Japan. In fact, Buddhist ideas appear so strongly in Star Wars, there’s a book about it: “The Dharma of Star Wars” by Matthew Bortolin.

    So I always find it odd when Christians go on about how the two biggest sci-fi franchises in history are somehow Christian in nature.

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