Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Pencil Sharpeners: Strongheart and Warduke (Larami, 1983)

AD&D Pencil Sharpener-3

AD&D Pencil Sharpener-4

AD&D Pencil Sharpener-1

AD&D Pencil Sharpener-2

These were part of a very large lot of licensed D&D items that sold on eBay, many of which allegedly came from the TSR archives. There was a third sharpener identified on the package as a Deadly Grell, but it was actually a five-headed hydra, as seen below. A similar hydra makes an appearance in the AD&D Characters Coloring Book, also from 1983. A series of “bendable monster” figures, including a Deadly Grell and a five-headed Hydra, was released by LJN in 1983-1984.

D&D Pencil Hydra 1983

D&D Pencil Hydra 1983-2

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