The Art of Earl Norem: Thrills & Chills (Scholastic, 1994 – 1996)





Norem Thrills and Chills #6 Original Acrylic

Norem Thrills and Chills #2

Norem Thrills and Chills 1990s

Norem T&C #6

Thrills & Chills was a kids horror magazine published by Scholastic books from 1994 through 1996. I can’t say much about the quality because I’ve only seen the covers and a handful of interior pages, but the series is historical now, if for no other reason than that Earl Norem was a regular illustrator. If you’re new to Norem, start here.

The pieces above are all originals and have sold on eBay over the last few years.

3 Responses to “The Art of Earl Norem: <em>Thrills & Chills</em> (Scholastic, 1994 – 1996)”

  1. 2 Tom October 20, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    Great art. I remember Norem from his Marvel Conan covers on the giant-sized issues back in the ’70’s and ’80’s. Thrills & Chills would have been way past my time for Scholastic, but it makes me want to seek them out.

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