Arcade Zen: Arnie’s Place, 1984

Arnie's Place 1984

Arnie's Place 1984-2Arnie's Place 1984-3

Photo and article are from Electronic Games (November, 1984). Arnold Kaye opened his “game room” in 1981, despite being refused a zoning permit by the puritanical city officials of Westport, Connecticut, and it closed in 1994, to the dismay of everyone who wasn’t a horse’s ass. One resident and father of four summed it up:

It really stinks that they forced him to close down… It’s one of the few places in town where kids can do something at night that doesn’t involve trouble. I always felt my kids were safe here.

But Kaye was tired of being harassed, and times were tough. “My threats got more and more bizarre as my frustrations grew,” he said. “All I wanted to do was provide a clean, wholesome environment for kids where they could play and have fun. I’ll always be proud of having done that.”

Kaye, a boisterous and inflexible personality, had chained himself to a Town Hall door in 1982 to protest “unfair treatment,” and in 1983 threatened to convert the arcade to a “porno movie theater” after the zoning commission didn’t approve an increase in games allowed inside the facility.

Kaye died in 2003. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Arnie.

2 Responses to “Arcade Zen: Arnie’s Place, 1984”

  1. 1 Jeremiah November 15, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    I cannot believe it, we used to go to Arnie’s place all the time when we lived in Stamford, CT! We celebrated many a birthday there and when we were older it was a nice safe place we could hang out and have fun. We used to play all the classics there and then later we would play the multi player Xmen game and Street fighter II. We also bruised many a knuckle playing air hockey. Wow, thanks for posting.

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