Close Encounters of the Third Kind Pinball Machine (Gottlieb, 1978)

CE 1978-1



CE 1978-5

CE 1978-6

CE 1978-7

Designed by Ed Krynski with art by Gordon Morison, both of whom worked on the psychedelic 2001 and Dimension machines, as well as Astro and Orbit, all of them released by Gottlieb in 1971.

All images are via the Internet Pinball Database.

1 Response to “<em>Close Encounters of the Third Kind</em> Pinball Machine (Gottlieb, 1978)”

  1. 1 narvo November 19, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    So cool. Definitely never saw this in any of the arcades and bowling alleys I went to on the Westside. I’d forgotten how cool Close Encounters was. I have to go get the DVD to show my kid. =)

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