Kid Jumping His Schwinn Stingray in the Street, Circa 1977

Schwinn Stingray Circa 1980

Looks like a 1974 model, but I’m guessing these two had been rattling around together for a couple of years before this shot was taken. My best bike was a 1981 Schwinn Scrambler with red mags. I’d ride it to the dirt ramp behind the nearby Stater Brothers and get schooled by the big kids who launched their sun-spangled rides into the inner atmosphere with lit Camels dangling from their lips.


Anyway, I’m back. My mission hasn’t changed. Anyone who is interested in smartly reviewing/discussing/unearthing relevant cultural artifacts from the 1960s through the 1980s should drop me a line at

(Photo via The Selvedge Yard)

2 Responses to “Kid Jumping His Schwinn Stingray in the Street, Circa 1977”

  1. 1 Tom January 7, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    I attempted to jump a small creek with my…er…Huffy (*cough* dork!)… Anyway, I didn’t use a ramp and thought I could just pop my front wheel and jump it. My friend lived across the street from the creek and had a long, high driveway. While he watched for traffic (like I could have stopped), I came racing down his driveway, crossed the street and hit the creek. The next thing I knew, I was flying over the handle bars and landing in the grass. Needless to say, my Evel Knievel days were over (except maybe the time I tried that exact same thing inside a tire.)

    • 2 Dan Halen December 7, 2018 at 11:31 pm

      The picture is in woodland hills ca in about 73. The Bike was a year old maybe. I’d already scabbed up my chin twice by coming down front wheel first by the time this shot was taken. The street is either quakertown or the next street over in woodland hills. The same bike came back to me at age 47 in a dumpster and I rehabbed it it’s on my profile Dan Halen on g+cool I had a green huffy with a green pickle decal I was 6 or 7 and some guy was hanging out in front of the grocery store with it. It was brand new and shiny. He told me I had won the bike for going to the store for my mom. I took the green huffy and he said “but the rules are you have to give up your old one” and he stole my 2nd Stingray

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