Usborne Guide to Computer and Video Games (Usborne, 1982)

Computer Games 1982-1031

Computer Games 1982-3033

Computer Games 1982-4034

Computer Games 1982-5035

Computer Games 1982-5036

Computer Games 1982-5038

Computer Games 1982-5039

Computer Games 1982-5040

Computer Games 1982-5041







Computer Games 1982-5044

Computer Games 1982-5045

Computer Games 1982-5045 Computer Games 1982-5046

Computer Games 1982-5047

Computer Games 1982-2032

Just a few pages I scanned from my copy—this particular book is not yet available at the Usborne site. Note the “long distance game” predicted “by the year 2000,” somewhat anticipating the internet. The irony is that the internet has enabled an attention deficit disordered culture that, with few exceptions, no longer has the patience or smarts to play a game of chess.

1 Response to “<em>Usborne Guide to Computer and Video Games</em> (Usborne, 1982)”

  1. 1 Shaun O'Leary December 21, 2020 at 5:29 am

    Oh – thank you! I had this book when I was a kid (I’m nearly 50 now), and have just had a very enjoyable session reading over the pages you’ve scanned and posted here.

    You’ve brought back some fond memories of my early teenage years.

    I don’t suppose you have the rest of the pages anywhere?

    Kind regards,

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