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Micronauts: Antron, Membros, and Repto (Mego, 1979)

Antron 1979

Membros 1979

Repto 1979

Membros 1979-2

More (glow-in-the-dark) brains!

Check out the original Ken Kelly Micronauts art here.

Micronauts: Emperor and Megas (Lion Rock, 1981)

Micronauts Emperor 1981

Micronauts Emperor 1981-2

Micronauts Emperor 1981-3

Micronauts Emperor 1981-4

Micronauts Emperor 1981-5

Micronauts Emperor 1981-6

Micronauts Megas 1981-1

Micronauts Megas 1981-2

Micronauts Megas 1981-3

Micronauts Megas 1981-4

Micronauts Megas 1981-5

Micronauts Megas 1981-6

Micronauts Megas 1981-7

Micronauts Megas 1981-8

Emperor and Megas were among the last original Micronauts produced, and they are beauties. Mego went bankrupt before most of Series 5 could be released, and the toys were bought up by GiG in Italy (GiG also distributed large quantities of Eagle Force and The Black Hole toys) and Lion Rock in the U.S. The torso of the Emperor could be detached and put on the body of Megas, as seen at Micro Outpost.

It’s interesting that Mego veered into mythology and fantasy for these final ‘magno‘ designs. Had the company invested more in similarly creative concepts, as opposed to banal efforts like The Greatest American Hero and The Love Boat, who knows?

The box art is not by Ken Kelly, though clearly his revolutionary style is being copycatted.

Christmas Morning, 1979: Star Wars, Micronauts, Buck Rogers, and The Black Hole

Christmas 1978-3

Membros and Repto! There’s also a torn open The Black Hole action figure above the Micronauts. Maximillian is standing on Monopoly.

(Photo via the Rebelscum Forums)

Micronauts: Centaurus and Kronos (Mego, 1979)

Micronauts Centaurus

Micronauts Kronos

Micronauts Kronos-2

Carded Antron, Membros, and Repto are here. That’s all the aliens except for Lobros. Ken Kelly changed the nature of toy art, and arguably the nature of action figures, with these paintings.

Original Micronauts Art by Ken Kelly

Repto Kelly

Membros Kelly

Hornetroid Kelly

Terraphant Kelly

If you’re a fantasy art aficionado and have $350,000 burning a hole in your pocket, head on over to eBay seller Mister Sluggworths and buy up these original Ken Kelly oils. They were commissioned by Mego in 1979 and used as card and box art for the Micronauts series 4 and 5 (1979 – 1980) alien figures and vehicles.

Above you see, from top to bottom, Repto, Membros, the Hornetroid, and the Terraphant. Also for sale are Centaurus, Kronos, and Lobros. That’s 7 out of 8 of the original commissions being sold as a lot. Antron is the only one missing.

(Images via Mister Sluggworths/eBay)

Original Toy Art for Colorforms’ The Outer Space Men (1968)



The stunning paintings are by Robert Engle for a gorgeous “bendy” action figure line that influenced space/alien figures and toy design for decades. (Look how closely Orbitron resembles Membros from Mego’s Micronauts line, for instance.) The Outer Space Men followed Mattel’s popular Matt Mason toys (the first great space line) and had an initial run of one series only, as the public lost interest in the space program quickly after Apollo 11. The top painting shows series one. The bottom painting shows the unproduced (at the time) series two.

Following the success of Star Wars, Colorforms and Mel Birnkrant, who created The Outer Space Men, smartly released a Space Warriors Adventure Set and a series of jigsaw puzzles based on the characters in the 1968 line. In 2010 Four Horsemen Studios re-released the original Outer Space Men along with some new figures based on Birnkrant’s designs.

(Images via, where Mel praises Engle’s work.)




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